TEAM CARS 2013 - Jipocar RC Racing Team

Team cars for 2013 RC Rally Brno season…

Jipocar RC Racing Team

#7 - Michal Oppitz - monkey
#8 - Michal Bouchner - embie
#24 - Vlastík Pospíšil - xvx

photo icon Photogallery (monkey)

2 Responses to “TEAM CARS 2013 - Jipocar RC Racing Team”

  1. Sid said...

    This car is really amazing…

    12:27 - Duben 9th, 2013
  2. Peter said...

    do you sell new 1/10 RC Ford Fiesta body?
    Price shipped to Belgium?


    De Bolle Peter

    11:09 - Březen 26th, 2014

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